Education for adults

There is a strong demand for trained cooks and the graduates may find employment in a variety of restaurants.  The studies are done as apprenticeship training. You can start your studies anytime. The workplace must offer the student a wide enough experience in the field. The students must be able to work in diverse situations and environments. To enter in to an apprenticeship agreement requires an average of 25 working hours per week in a restaurant kitchen.

The main target groups are foreigners who already live in Finland and lack a vocational qualification, degree or study place as well as Finns without vocational qualification, degree or a study place. Studies will be carried out in English and at the same time you will learn Finnish. The programme provides the apprentices with practical training for professional cooking.

Duration of the studies is approximately a year and a half.

Admissions and tuition in apprenticeship training

  • a sufficient command of the Finnish language
  • a job in restaurant kitchen (at least 25 working hours per week)
  • The tuition is in English and training is in Finnish.

You can apply a study place by 10 September 2017! With the online application form you are able to apply for the apprenticeship training. Online application is situated here below.  Handling of the the applications will start in the beginning of August (1st to 11th August). 

Get more information

Eija Witikkala, Training specialist, Perho PRO / adult education
+358 50 3100 635
eija.witikkala (at)

Application form: Restaurant Cook

Please, send your application by 10th September 2017. The documents of previous studies and working experience and photo ID-card are asked to bring along to the entrance interview.
  • Personal information

  • Current job

    Apprenticeship applicants must fill all the details of Current job. In case that full time applicant has got working experience, please fill the field Working experience.
  • Previous studies