Vocational Education and Exam

Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College has educated professionals for years. By choosing this international field with food and drinks you will always have work available. Studies are working-life oriented.

The studies consist of basic Vocational Qualification (180 points) in one of the following study program specialisations:

Restaurant Cook Study Programme (tuition in English)

• Customer Services in Finnish (waiter, waitress)
• Cookery in Finnish (cook)
• Dual Qualification: Cookery Programme (cook) and adult upper secondary school qualifications in Finnish

Customer Services / Marketing / Sales

• Accounting
• Travel Services
• Dual Qualifications in Culinary, Tourism, Business and Administration and Sports
• Travel Guide

Restaurant Cook Study Programme >>

Alcohol legislation exam

Do you need alcohol passport? You can test yourself at Perho PRO.

Alcohol legislation exam >>