Restaurant Cook full-time day program – application period

The application period to Restaurant Cook Study Program  is from 16 of September to 31 of October, 2019.
Student intake is 20.

Entrance interview Restaurant Cook full-time day program

Admission to Perho Tourism, Culinary and Business College is through the entrance interview. Up to 70 applicants will be invited by e-mail.

Entrance interviews will be held during 20 to 22 November 2019.

• The entrance interview and written tests for the Restaurant Cook Study Program is held only at Perho Tourism, Culinary and Business College in the Töölö Campus.
• The entrance interview is a group interview in English and there is also a written test, which includes understanding English and mathematical test.
• Applicants will receive a link for study material by email before entrance interview.
• Admission results will be sent to all applicants in early December 2019.
• Studies will start in 7 of January 2020.

Restaurant Cook Fast Track Study program

We use this so called continuous applications (jatkuva haku) to take new students in for this Fast Track Restaurant Cook program (Apprenticeship or training contract group) if we have free study places.

More information

Pia Vainikka, Study Service Officer
pia.vainikka (at)
+358 40 1478 546

The Student Affairs Office
hakutoimisto (at)