Perho has 45 student housing places in the dormitory located in Haaga. All rooms are furnished. Students beginning their studies or coming to Helsinki from far have a prerogative to the rooms. The student housing address is Pajuniityntie 10.

The rental level varies approximately between € 310–340/month. The security deposit varies between € 620–680/month. The security payment will be reimbursed after the rental agreement has expired and the condition of the room has been inspected. Students can apply for a housing supplement from KELA:

More information, application forms and writing the rental agreement

The Real Estate Company Kiinteistö Haaga-Perhon Asunnot
Pekka Salovaara, Maintenance Manager
050 3029 173
huolto (at)

Student housing
Students can also apply for student housing from HOAS (Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region) by filling in on application form at >>
On the HOAS web pages, you will also find further instructions for applying and about the services for tenants.