Student Benefits and Costs

Costs, financial aid and insurance

Here you can read about the benefits of studying in Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College and how you can balance study and another cost of living.

Study Costs

Tuition and the lunch and the morning porridge are free of charge for the students. If you like you can buy breakfast and afternoon coffee at low student prices. The students have their meals according to the meal schedules. The school nurse is available for the students at Perho four times a week.

The studies are mainly free of charge. However, students need to make some study-related purchases in the course of their studies, such as study materials, the Flexim pass, the curriculum, the name tag and the given out material, eKokki—study material in English, work uniforms, work shoes, and knives. The total costs of the whole studies will amount to slightly more than 700 euros. The student may need to buy some other study materials also later during the studies.

Student Financial Aid

KELA (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) and the staff at the student affairs office advise students on student financial aid issues. The student financial aid is applied for by a KELA form available at the student affairs office. The student affairs office reports absences exceeding two weeks or irregular participation in the studies to KELA, which decides about discontinuing the payment of financial aid to the student.

In order to qualify for student financial aid, you must

  • have gained admission to post-comprehensive studies
  • be a full-time student (continuing study progress and attending lessons)
  • make satisfactory study progress and be in need of financial assistance

Financial aid for students is available for Finnish citizens and, in some cases, for non-citizens of Finland. You can also get financial aid for studies abroad. If there are absences further than two weeks, the student services must inform Kela about unsatisfactory study progress. Kela may decide to stop paying any student financial aid. Application and further information about student financial aid can be received from Media Center (student services) and from Kela – the Finnish independent social security institution

Accident Insurance

The school’s accident insurance covers the health care costs for accidental injuries occurring in the workplace or on the way from home to workplace and back. The student is responsible for obtaining a sufficient leisure time insurance and travel insurance and also for getting the European Health Insurance card from the Finnish Social Insurance Institution.

The card entitles its holder to medically necessary health care while staying in another country of the EU, EEC or in Switzerland. Each country provides health care services according to their own legislation and health care system. The card can be obtained from Social Insurance Institution offices and is granted to all persons who are entitled to Finnish social security. The card is free of charge.

The passport, visa, insurances, social security and travel arrangements will be discussed in more detail in the International Affairs tutoring lessons and in the training sessions for students going abroad.

Transport Subsidy

For a full-time student studying for a basic vocational degree, KELA (Social Insurance Institution of Finland) will compensate the cost of his/her daily travel to and from school, provided that the one-way trip from home to school is at least 10 kilometers and the travel costs exceed 54 eur per month. The student will be required to pay at least EUR 43 of the total monthly cost by him/herself.

Students are able to receive student-discount prices for traveling. Student, who is over seventeen years old, is able to get an HSL (Helsinki Region Transport), VR-Train Services or Matkahuolto-Travel Services discount application form from the student affairs office.

The student ought to have a valid passport when traveling to countries other than the Nordic countries. A visa is not needed in traveling to countries of the EU or EEC.