Vocational upper secondary qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services, competence area in Food Service, Cook

Choose your international career! Study at Perho Culinary, Tourism  and Business College which continues a long tradition of providing a high quality education for our students. The tuition in the restaurant Cook Program is in English.

A restaurant cook who has completed the qualification knows how to

• work in food preparation tasks at restaurants with different business ideas or missions or in public sector unit
• prepare tasty, nutritious and wholesome food, taking special diets into account
• set out food as individual plated dishes or dishes for a large group of customers.

A restaurant cook who has completed the competence area of food services works at restaurants or in the catering sector, staff canteens, cafés, catering companies, freight and passenger ships as well as institutional kitchens.

Vocational upper secondary education and training is designed primarily for students who have just completed basic education and for others who have no work experience or vocational skills.

Restaurant Cook full time studies next application period

Application period is from 16 of September to 31 of October, 2019.  Student intake is 20 in full-time day program. Studies start on 7 of January 2019. The length of studies is approximately 1,5 to 2 years. No tuition fee.

Entrance interview will be held from 20 to 22 of November 2019 at Perho Tourism, Culinary and Business College in Töölö Campus.

Main target groups are

Foreigners who already live in Finland and lack vocational qualification, degree or a study place as well as Finns without vocational qualification, degree or a study place.

The admission criteria and tuition in full-time day program

Finnish applicants
• general upper secondary qualifications
• a sufficient command of the English language

Foreign applicants
• sufficient level of previous general upper secondary education
• a sufficient command of the English language

Information about residence permit

Finnish Immigration Service / Studying in Finland >>
Finnish Immigration Service / Residence permit >>

Further information

Pia Vainikka, Study Service Officer
pia.vainikka (at)
+358 40 1478 546

Student Affairs Office
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