Restaurant and Catering Services – Work-Based Studies

Restaurant Cook and Restaurant Waiter / Waitress

If you are a foreigner who lives in Finland, you can study for the qualification of Restaurant and Catering Services fully work-based in English and become a Restaurant Cook or a Restaurant Waiter /Waitress.

Entry requirements

    • you are a foreigner who lives in Finland
    • you have a sufficient level of English language skills
    • you do not have any vocational qualification
    • you are working in a restaurant or you have previous work experience in restaurants
    • you have a workplace and an employer who is willing to sign an agreement

APPLY NOW – Continuous admission

You can send your application any time in the continuous admission. We will contact you by email to the email address that you have given on the application form within two weeks of receiving your application.

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Qualification: Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services
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Competence area: Customer Service / Food Services
Degree title: Waiter / Waitress, Hospitality Expert
Degree title: Cook, Culinary Expert
Structure of studies: Apprenticeship or training agreement with employer. Two school days in a month approximately
Teaching language: English
Duration on work-based studies:  1,5–2,0 years on average
Tuition:   There is no tuition fee
Campus: Töölö, Perhonkatu 11, 00100 Helsinki

Continuous Admission 24/7 for Restaurant Waiter/ Waitress and Restaurant Cook Work-Based Studies

Selected applicants will be invited for an interview based on their application and supporting documents, including educational certificates and motivation letter. We prioritise of your previous work experience in restaurants and the applicants should have a workplace and employer who is willing to sign an agreement.

Restaurant and Catering, Work-Based Study Program – Further Information

Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College
Töölö campus, Perhonkatu 11, 00100 Helsinki

from 9 am to 2 pm

Jenni Heikkilä, Student Counselor
+358 (0) 040 774 7622