Restaurant Waiter/Waitress – Hospitality Expert

Competence area: Customer Service

Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College provides Restaurant Waiter /Waitress studies taught in English. Studies are work-based by apprenticeship contract or training agreement.

Restaurant Waiters/Waitresses can serve customers in a customer-oriented manner and use professional vocabulary in foreign languages and draw on their cultural knowledge. They will work as Hospitality Experts in a various tasks in the hospitality context.

Hospitality Experts are trained to carry out customer service tasks as well as work in sales in the hospitality sector with different business ideas or missions. Waiter and waitresses can work in a sales-minded, customer service oriented and quality conscious manner and profitably, productively, and responsibly as well as operate in compliance with hygiene requirements, and sustainable operating practices.

As a Hospitality Expert, you

  • know how to work in a multi-cultural team
  • serve variety of food and beverages regarding gastronomic requirements
  • have the quality skills required in hospitality field
  • have knowledge of sustainability in hospitality field
  • have an eye for aesthetics
  • have good language and interaction skills master the vocabulary of hospitality context

In Profession

A Restaurant Waitress/Waitress is a Hospitality Expert who has completed the competence area of customer service is qualified to work at various of tasks in the hospitality field like hotels and lounges, cruise ships, restaurants with different concepts, night clubs and cocktail bars, cafés and catering, tourism service companies or various institutions.

Who can apply?

Persons who live in Finland and lack vocational qualification, degree or a study place and who have experience and a workplace in restaurant business and have a sufficient level of English language skills.

Qualification: Vocational Qualification in Restaurant and Catering Services
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Continuous Application

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Restaurant Waiter/Waitress – More Information

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