Cook Education in English

Choose your international career! Study at Perho Culinary, Tourism  and Business College which continues a long tradition of providing a high quality education for our students. In the working life a Restaurant Cook is able to work in the food production tasks in restaurants or cargo and passenger ships; in planning, cooking and presenting restaurant dishes and in storing foodstuffs.

Restaurant Cook’s skills

• works independently or in a team according to given instructions
• prepares healthy, tasty and varied food with regard to gastronomic requirements
• has the manual skills required in food production
• prepares food economically and profitably
• has an eye for aesthetics
• has good language skills
• masters the restaurant vocabulary

Intake of students

Intake of studentt is 40. Students are shared in two groups:

• full-time day programme
• apprenticeship training

Main target group

foreigners who already live in Finland and lack vocational qualification, degree or a study place as well as Finns without vocational qualification, degree or a study place.

The admission criterias and tuition in full-time day programme

Finnish applicants
• general upper secondary qualifications
• a sufficient command of the English language

Foreign applicants
• sufficient level of previous general education
• a sufficient command of the English language

The tuition in the Restaurant Cook Programme is in English. Duration of the studies is approximately a year and a half.

The admissions and tuition in apprenticeship training

The eligibility for the foreign applicants
• a sufficient command of the Finnish language
• placement for training

The tuition is in English and training is in Finnish. Duration of the studies is approximately a year and a half.

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The application period to the Restaurant Cook programme for studies starting in August 2017 has ended on 31st March 2017. We want to thank all the applicants of their interest in Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College.

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Further information

Ms Johanna Mäesalu, Head of International Exchange
+ 358 50 380 5944
johanna.maesalu (at)

Eija Witikkala, Training Specialist
+358 50 3100635
eija.witikkala (at)
(apprenticeship training Perho PRO)

Sari Tuovinen, Teacher
+358 40 1478 544
sari.tuovinen (at)
(full-time day programme)

Student Affairs Office
hakutoimisto (at)