Student Housing

Student housing in Haaga and at the Urhea campus

Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College has an allocation for its students at the Kiinteistö Haaga-Perhon Asunnot dormitory in Haaga, Helsinki. Students in our Urhea study paths may also apply for student housing in the Urhea-home.

Kiinteistö Haaga-Perhon Asunnot

Kiinteistö Haaga-Perhon Asunnot, Pajuniityntie 10, Helsinki/Haaga

Kiinteistö Haaga-Perhon Asunnot

The dormitory has furnished rooms for three students. Each students has

  • a room of their own
  • joint use of a kitchen, toilet and bathroom.

The monthly rent is either 310 or 340 eur, depending on the dormitory room.

Students may apply for housing supplement to pay for the rent. Before receiving the key, a deposit of 620 or 680 eur must be paid. This is returned when the students moves out and the condition of their room has been checked and found to be satisfactory.

Eligibility for a dormitory room depends on the location of the student’s place of residence, the distance between the student’s home and the college, and various social criteria. Students may apply for housing supplement to pay for the rent.

Urhea-home housing

Urhea-home housing, Mäkelänrinne 4, Urhea campus, Helsinki/Mäkelänrinne

Urhea-home housing

Students in the Urhea study paths of Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College may apply for student housing (one- or two-bedroom flat or dormitory room) in the Urhea-home building of Urhea campus >>

HOAS homes for students

Student housing is also available from the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS). Fill an application on the HOAS website >>

Student Housing – further information

Kiinteistö Haaga-Perhon Asunnot:
Pekka Salovaara, real estate manager
+358 (0)50 302 9173
pekka.salovaara (at)

Tuuli Merikoski, specialist, vocational education of the athlete
+358 (0)400 711728
tuuli.merikoski (at)