Let’s cooperate

We develop activities as well as of our school and working-life

The interest group network of Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College is all-around and comprehensive.  According to our sustainability work, the core is our students and employees, working life and society.

tiedote: Urhea-halli vihittiin käyttöön Helsingissä

The mayor of Helsinki Juha Vartiainen, inaugurated 3.8.2021 the hall of the National Olympic Training Center Urhea. In the middle behind is Juha Ojajärvi, who is the principal of Perho CTB College and the chairman of the Urhea Foundation.

We welcome companies to our campuses to familiarize themselves with responsible vocational education.

We educate and develop our own and the working life’s actions in cooperation with other educators and in versatile projects. Student projects offer help, fresh ideas and up-to-date know-how to support business, and we arrange events where the students and working life meet. In them companies may recruit students as well as students get to know the company.

Companies can offer working place our students any time, e.g. a training place in working life >>

We also participate in many associations and advocacy groups to keep our touch fresh on what’s going on in working life:

Everyday cooperating partners

  • Student-clients
  • Internal partners
  • Working life e.g. companies offering students on-the-job learning places
  • Authorities
  • Colleges (dual qualifications): Töölön yhteiskoulun aikuislukio (TYK), Eiran aikuislukio and Mäkelänrinteen lukio (Märsky).

Registered associations (ry) and associations of our education industries

  • Restaurant business: MaRa ry, ELO-säätiö, Suomen Gastronomien seura, Baarimestarit (FBSK ry), Suomen keittiömestarit ry, HRG-Resta, PAM
  • Travel industry: SMAL ry, MaRa ry, Suomen Liikematkayhdistys, Helsingin opasyhdistys, Reilun matkailun yhdistys, #Helsingintekijät, VisitFinland, SKÅL International
  • Business and administration: Tilitoimistojen liitto, Kaupan liitto, Finanssiala ry, PAM.

Other associations of industry and advocacy groups

  • Urhea Foundation
  • ARVO alliance
  • OKKA Foundation
  • Partner Pioneers network

Local associations

  • Töölö and Malmi Associations, MSY ry
  • Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council
  • Cities on Helsinki and Vantaa
  • Helsinki Chamber, Suomen yrittäjät organization

International partners

  • Restaurant business: CHASE network
  • Hotel and travel business: AEHT and EUHOFA
  • Business and administration: Businet

Strategic Erasmus+ partnership projects

The strategic Erasmus+ partnership and students’/staff’s mobility projects provide close-knit and spreading international cooperation with schools and companies.

Let’s cooperate – further information

Juha Ojajärvi, principal, CEO
+358 (0)400 939 269
juha.ojajarvi (at) perho.fi