International partnership

Become what you want to be.

Through partner cooperation, we obtain facts and skills that are necessary in working life that is becoming more and more international.

Kansainväliset kumppanit

Kansainvälisyys – projektit, opintomatkat ja kv-työelämässäoppiminen – on perholaisten opiskelijoiden arkea

Our students learn facts and skills in international operating environments that they will need in an increasingly international operating world, and possibly also in further studies.

The staff also has an opportunity to develop their international competence by taking part in international projects and work, for example.

Strategic Erasmus+ partnerships

Strategic Erasmus+ partnerships and student and staff mobility improve and expand cooperation between educational institutions and businesses.

International networks

Our international cooperation takes account of changing needs in working life in anticipation of the future.

We are active members in the restaurant sector’s CHASE network, business field Businet and the hotel and travel AEHT and EUHOFA. We also have established business and educational institution partners.