About us

Number one sustainable choice

Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College is a quality awarded and/thus perhaps the most inspiring vocational educator in the Helsinki area. We provide initial and further training for responsible professionals in the restaurant, tourism and business sectors.

Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College’s roots are in two private-sector educational institutions – one founded in 1935, and the other in 1944. We are a pioneer in our field, striving to inspire students, with a strong focus on customer service and responsible operations (our values).

We operate on three campuses: Töölö, Malmi and online, and the national olympic training center Urhea.

  • approximately 1,600 students
  • approximately 170 employees
  • turnover approximately EUR 15,5 million (2022).

Become what you want to be.

Our special task includes education intended for athletes and English-language education and training in the restaurant industry.

Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business graduates and principal/CEO mr Juha Ojajärvi

Nowadays, with a good vocational qualification, you can get admitted to a university of applied sciences without an entrance exam. It’s  also possible to complete parts of studies towards a bachelor’s degree in restaurant, tourism, and business in a university of applied sciences while you pursue a vocational qualification in our college.

Professionals who graduate from our college

  • are ambassadors of sustainable development who are environmentally conscious and committed to a sustainable lifestyle
  • know how to work in a continually globalizing world
  • take care of their work ability
  • continuously develop their skills and attitude.

About us – further information

Juha Ojajärvi, Principal, CEO
+358 (0)400 939 269
juha.ojajarvi (at) perho.fi