Mission, Vision and Values

Building success opportunities

Our pedagogical strategy consists most functional, safest and individual learning solutions. We also strive for seamless collaboration with our partners. Sustainable development and quality are also in focus when taking action.

Mission, Vision and Values


We build success opportunities

We develop professional skills and learning of the specific fields of vocational education and training in Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College. We educate competent and open-minded professionals for the service industry. We also ensure and support their employment and career development after graduation.

Vision 2021

We are the choice number one as a school organization, as a workplace and as a business partner.

We claim that the most wanted and competent hands-on professionals graduate from Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College. We produce bold innovations for developing culinary, tourism and business industries. Our main target is on customer service, well-being, internationality, entrepreneurship and digitality.



Perho Culi­nary, Tourism & Busi­ness Col­lege is proac­tive school organization. We boldly re­new our ways of working. We are known for our excellent quality, and we renew our ways of working regularly based on feedback and foresight information. Our attitude towards new people, cultures and ideologies is broad-minded and equal.


Perho Culi­nary, Tourism & Busi­ness Col­lege is renowned for in­spir­ing pro­fes­sional ped­a­gog­ics. The pro­fes­sion­als we are train­ing add ser­vice ori­ented value to any busi­nesses. These pro­fes­sion­als are knowl­edge­able, au­then­tic, en­ter­pris­ing, smil­ing and hos­pitable.

We en­cour­age and in­spire our staff, stu­dents and stake­hold­ers to in­no­vate and to rec­og­nize op­por­tu­ni­ties. An ac­tive en­vi­ron­ment of de­vel­op­ment also al­lows fail­ures. We learn from ev­ery ex­per­i­ment.

Customer Service Oriented

Perho Culi­nary, Tourism & Busi­ness Col­lege de­vel­ops and ed­u­cates customer ser­vice ex­per­tise. In par­tic­u­lar, we fo­cus on the ways how a re­newed so­ci­ety pro­duces ex­cel­lent cus­tomer ex­pe­ri­ences. The best ser­vice qual­ity con­sists of at­ti­tude, customer ser­vice ori­en­ta­tion, ac­tiv­ity, and caring. We trust each other, we value each other’s skills and per­for­mances, and we fol­low the agreed prac­tices.


Perho Culi­nary, Tourism & Busi­ness Col­lege is a safe place to study and to work. We take exemplary care of our economy, operate as a public authority and act accordingly. We make sure our students gain enough expertise during their studies as well as we ensure their employment after graduation. We focus on responsible companies when looking for jobs for them during and after their studies. As we guide our students to act independently, we also concentrate on a customer-oriented approach with flexibility.

Responsibility, equality and joint and several liabilities are our values in our actions. We require that our employees and business partners share our values. We teach a sense of responsibility to our students and cherish it.