Restaurant Cook

Start your vocational studies in English

Develop your skills and become a real culinary expert. At Perho Culinary, Tourism and Business College, you will learn the restaurant cook basic skills in a work-based studies or completing full-time day program.

Studies of a Restaurant Cook are available for persons, who live in Finland, have a sufficient level of English language skills and do not have a vocational qualification, degree or  study place or the applicant has a little work experience in the restaurant field.

Restaurant Cook,

Complete your degree by studying at school and at the workplace

Apply for a study place for full-time day studies: 9.9.–11.11.2024

The full-time studies starts in 8th of January 2025. Before that students participates in an orientation day in 10th of December from 13 to 16 pm. The Restaurant Cook full-time studies are carried out in lessons at school, training in Restaurant Perho and in various restaurants in the capital region.

Study a degree by working

You can apply for the work-based Restaurant Cook studies throughout the year.

Studies takes place as an apprenticeship or a training agreement with your employer. The training starts with a flexible schedule.

Watch Chef Clarence’s real profession story

Clarence dreamed of becoming a chef for a long time and filled out an application at the beginning of many years but never sent it forward.

What finally made him apply for a place to study at Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College? What does he get inspired by and build something new from a sudden idea to offer changing hotel’s guests?

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