Helsinki hauskemmaksi special recognition award to PerhoCTB

We are making Helsinki more fun

The 2023 Art goes Kapakka festival’s Helsinki hauskemmaksi, ‘Making Helsinki more fun’, special recognition award has been awarded to Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College.

Perho has approximately 1,500 students, with around 160 restaurant and 60 tourism professionals graduating annually. A very large proportion of them remain in the capital region to work. Without them, Helsinki would be a dull place. For almost 90 years, Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College has been training great hospitality personnel and making Helsinki more fun.

Education Manager Marja Hemmi received the award. The recognition was shared by the founder of Art Goes Kapakka Mikko Leisti and Executive Producer Tiina Isohanni. Photograph: Rami Laine, Hokuspokus

Reasons for selection:

The Helsinki hauskemmaksi award has been awarded this year for Perho’s fantastic educational work and, through Perho, to all those who take care of the people of Helsinki and their guests both in everyday life and on special occasions. From local restaurants to award-winning fine dining, from summit meetings to casual lunches, from hotel breakfasts to pub evenings, our fantastic service professionals do their utmost to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves to the fullest.

Without them, so many special moments would not have happened.
There is always someone happy to work so that others can enjoy themselves, and these professionals must be made more aware of the value of their work.

As the world presents challenges both at home and internationally, it is clear that people getting together has a positive impact. And positive encounters are worth working for.

As the purchase of goods decreases, there is a corresponding increase in the use of services. The range of restaurants has expanded and improved, and the quality and ambience of these and other leisure destinations have taken leaps and bounds. Good times together, wonderful experiences and food, drink and leisure are more than worth the effort.

It’s crucial that the hospitality business and the service industries in general play an integral part in shaping our country’s future.

Jobs in the services sector are available for people of all ages, Finns who are born and bred here and more recent Finns. It is an international industry that offers great opportunities.

Helsinki hauskemmaksi and Art goes Kapakka commends Perho students on their great career choice. You are the industry of the future.


Helsinki hauskemmaksi special recognition award – further information

Marja Hemmi, Director, Hospitality and Culinary Education
+358 (0)40 480 5577
marja.hemmi (at)

Satu Sandman, Director, Tourism Industry Education
+358 (0)40 775 3266
satu.sandman (at)

Juha Ojajärvi, Principal, CEO
+358 (0)400 939 269
juha.ojajarvi (at)

Every year since 1996, the Art Goes Kapakka festival >> awards the prize to a person or organisation that has done something to make Helsinki more fun in the long run.

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