Responsible purchasing policy and sustainable consumption

Every choice we make is a vote for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Both eco-efficiency and moderation can be improved by everyone’s personal consumption choices. Every choice we make is a vote for a more sustainable lifestyle. Changing our consumption habits does not mean that we go back to the days before the light bulb was invented.

Quite the opposite, it can be a change towards finding new kind of well-being and better life quality. Even small deeds can achieve major ecological savings on an annual level.

At Perho CTBC, we are making choices regarding the following, for example:

  • Invitations to tender for the procurement of materials and supplies include a request for materials that either meet environmental requirements or have an eco-label (in terms of quality, ecological character and sustainability). Eco-labelled products, services and recycled products are preferred as much as possible.
  • We use consumer durables instead of disposable products. PVC packaging and individually packaged products are avoided (mini packages of butter, yoghurt pots, espresso capsules). We reduce hazardous waste by using rechargeable batteries, for example.
  • We favour Finnish, durable and recyclable furniture.
  • The use of tinfoil and packaging bags has been replaced with lids and containers.
  • Any print command will have to be additionally accepted to avoid unnecessary printouts.