Erasmus+ Value Europe Project

Creating an International Responsible Event for Local Community

Project Duration: 1.11.2020–31.10.2023 (27 months)
Coordinator: Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College/Finland
Partners: Haaga-Helia Univerisity of Applied Sciences/Finland, Col·legi Badalonés and Estudis d’Hoteleria i Turisme CETT/Spain and Istituto Professionale per I Servizi Alberghieri e della Restaurazione “Luigi Carnacina”/Italy

Value Europe Innovates Responsible Actions in Finland, Spain and Italy

During the Value Europe project students become experienced learners of planning and setting up a responsible event aimed at the surrounding community and selected high schools. In each workshop an event is set up in one of the participating countries. The aim of the event is to increase all the participants’ valuation of the surroundings including culture, the nature, the neighbourhood, and people. The participating students gain valuable knowledge on Event Production.

  • The vocational school students will credit (to the extent that is possible): 15 ECTS for completing the Event Production unit. The final number of ECTS is to be decided by the school and is dependent on the performance of the student and the possibilities in the student’s curriculum.
  • The students of the University of Applied Sciences will credit 5 + 4 ECTS for completing following studies: Team Leading and Creating Experience Events. Again, depending on the performance of the student, it is possible to vary the final number of ECTS credited.
  • During the project participant schools will publish  a project ebook on their internet pages and after the project a handbook ”Finding Value in Events – Event Production in Vocational Education”.

The Erasmus+ Value Europe Project takes its place on the top!

Schedules 2022–2023

  • Transnational meeting in Rovigo 30.11.–2.12.2022 with 6 coordinators and 12 teachers: learn how to use (e.g. Microsoft Sway) e-book creating program, creating the content and structure of the e-book, writing the handbook. The meeting’s leading organisation: De Amicis (+ Perho CTB College)
  • Workshop 3 in Rovigo on 9.–15.10.2023
  • Project’s closing event – 6th Transnational project meeting in Barcelona, Spain on 24.–26.10.2023

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Erasmus+ Value Europe

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